POEA OEC Online Appointment: Application and Payment Procedure


POEA oec online appointment

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) announced that qualified OFWs can now apply and pay for their Overseas Employment Certificate or OEC online. OFWs returning to the Philippines for vacation will need an OEC to return to their employers. This time they do not have to fall in line and waste hours of their pretious time to process and secure an OEC. All qualified OFWs can go to http://www.bmonline.ph/ to apply and pay their OEC.


According to POEA the online OEC program is only available for OFWs who are:

  1. OFWs with existing record in the POEA database and are:
    1. workers on vacation
    2. rehired OFWs
    3. OFWs who will return to the same employer

If the OFW does not meet the above requirement they will have to apply the old fashioned way. If you are an OFW who do not qualify for the new OEC online application system, you have to

Website: http://bmonline.ph/

Processing fee: PHP 100
e-payment service fee: PHP 19.50

For a step by step instruction on how to get an OEC onine click here: http://www.ofwtoday.com/poea-oec-online-appointment-bm-online/