How to get and pay an OEC online: OEC Online Appointment


OEC Online Appointment – BM Online POEA

If you already have a registered account at the Balik manggagawa Online Processing System, you can get an OEC and print it anytime you want. Each OEC is good for one time use only. You will not need a multiple entry OEC because you can always print an OEC at whenever you need one.

For those who have not yet registered, you need a one time appearance at the embassy or POEA offices in the Philippines. You also need an appointment for an appearance if you have a new employer.

You can only get an OEC online without going to the embassy if you:

  • have already registered previously and have already appeared in the embassy or POEA offices for verification of identity
  • have the same employer in your balik manggagawa account profile.

An OEC or Overseas Exit Clearance is required from OFW’s who are returning back to their employers abroad. If you are staying in the Philippine for good you do not need an OEC.

Here are the Steps if you already have a verified account

Important Notes:

  • If you have already verified your BM Online account at the embassy or any POEA office you can proceed. If not you still need an appointment for an appearance at either the Philippine Embassy or any POEA office.
  • You need to return to the same employer to use the BM online processing system. You need to update your BM online profile and set an appointment for an appearance, if you will have a new employer. You will need to set an appointment for an appearance whenever you change your employer.
  • You need to know the date you will go back abroad or your departure date. This will be asked during the online processing.
  • Your VISA or PASS on your profile has to be valid or is not expired. If your old VISA number and details are still in your profile you need to update it and may need an appearance at the embassy or POEA office.
  • The Online OEC can be processed anywhere. You can process and print your OEC online in the Philippine or abroad.
  • Make sure you have an updated BM online profile and will go back to the same employer if you decide to process your OEC in the Philippine because you will need an appearance at the POEA office if it is not the case. – POEA OEC Online Appointment – BM Online

STEP 1. Go to the POEA Balik Mangagawa Online Processing System website by going to and login. After logging in you will see your profile page as shown below.

OEC online
OEC Online: BM Online Profile Page

STEP 2: Click the Green NEXT button at the upper right corner. Enter your Departure Flight Schedule  (This is your flight going back abroad) The immigration officer will ask for your OEC issued by the POEA as proof that you are a registered OFW.

BMonline OEC online
Enter your Departure Flight Schedule (Your Flight going back abroad)

STEP 3: Verify that you are going back to the same employer abroad. If you are not going back to the same employer you need to update your BM Online profile and set an appointment at the POEA or Philippine Embassy for an appearance.

OEC online appointment
Verify name of employer abroad

STEP 4: Verify that all the information that you have provided in your profile is updated and correct.

OEC Online Appointment
OEC Online: Balik Manggagawa Profile Information Verification

STEP 5: Choose your preferred payment method. You can either pay through Bank counters, Online Banking, Mobile (G-cash etc..) or Non Banks (POEA offices etc..) The Fee PHP 100.00 plus fees for a total of PHP 120.43

POEA OEC Online Appointment
BMOnline Payment Method Options

STEP 6: For our case we chose online banking through BPI online mobile as payment method. Other online banking will have a similar process.

POEA OEC Online Appointment payment
OEC Online: Online Banking Payment Method

STEP 7: Online payment instructions. You can either chose to have the information sent to your email or click the link that says view the instructions online. You can also do both if you want to.

OEC Online Payment Method
BPI Online Mobile Payment Instructions

STEP 8:Depending on your previous action you will either receive the payment instructions and account details for the payment via email or web browser(if you clicked “view the instructions online). You will be provided with the account number where you will send the payment and reference number that you should include in your payment reference or description.

OEC online payment details


STEP 9: Login to your preferred online banking account. In our case we used our BPI online mobile account. You can also use the BPI online Express.

OEC Online Payment BPI 2

STEP 10: In the BPI mobile menu, choose transfer then transfer to anyone. Fill in the payment details and reference. Make sure the account number and reference number is correct and that you enter the exact fee. There is no refund and you cannot send additional payments later if you send the wrong amount.

OEC Online Payment BPI 3
STEP 10: After sending your payment you go ahead and validate your payment. Go to the instructions that was sent by the MB online system. Either via email or online. Click the payment verification link. Enter your name exactly as it appears on your online bank profile, then click validate. If it failed to validate wait for at least 2 minutes then try again. Give it a couple of minutes more if it fails, the BM online system might still be processing your payment.

OEC Online Payment validation

STEP 11: Successful payment confirmation. If you go back to the payment information details it will tell you if the payment was successful or still processing. If the payment was successful you can proceed back to the BM online system to print your OEC.
BM online payment confirmation POEA OEC Online Appointment

STEP 12: Go back to the BM online system or Balik Manggagawa Online Processing System,. Click transactions at the left panel. Look for the most recent OEC by referring to the Date Processed tab. Click the green Print OEC button at the right side of to begin printing your OEC (Overseas Exit Clearance).

BM Online OEC Appointment

STEP 13: Print your OEC. After clicking the print OEC you should now be able to either print or save your OEC. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are now ready to go HOME Kabatan!!!

OEC Online - Overseas Exit Clearance
Ready to Print OEC (Overseas Exit Clearance)

  1. Register or Login at If It is your 1st time to register you need an appearance at the Philippine Embassy or POEA office.
  2. Confirm your employer’s name and Profile information
  3. Payment You can pay online, in banks or in the POEA offices.
  4. Confirm successful payment
  5. Print your OEC
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  • Jojo

    Why is it that it is compulsary for ofw to put the amount of their salary on the registration on BMonline? I think salary of ofw is confidential and should not be shown to other people.

  • Ponz

    This site is very complicated. I tried to input all my details and after that nothing happens.
    Please simplify further. And who among us OFWs wouyld have the printer to print all the stuff?
    Very disappointed.

  • tracker 22496

    the site has a dead end!! we cannot find the “HOUR” schedule to get an appointment. We were stuck at the month/week/day screen!! This screen is not the same as the demo screen. TUWANG TUWA KAMI SA GUMAWA NITO!!!! IT DOESNT WORK!!!!

    • try clicking a different date maybe the that date is full

  • joy

    I need help please
    I want to change my appointment location in BMONLINE. .what to do?
    Hoping for ur kindly response as soon as possible. .thank u and Godbless

    • Jhong Madarang

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  • Jhong Madarang

    how can i change may appointment date,..?any one can help ?

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    Pano po kung umaga ang appointment eh d ka nakapunta pd pa ba sa hapon kc busy ka na sa work d ka ngcing ng maaga

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  • Maria Abuel

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  • aldrin

    hello some one can help? I couldn’t find the green “NEXT STEP” button, instead it shows the “ACQUIRE OEC or EXEMPTION”. in this case I couldn’t update the Employer name. coz it will be directly to the page to open the appointment schedule.

  • Remigio Plamenco

    Paano po ako mag request ng appointment? Pls send me a link to set my appointment at [email protected]

  • shieryl maico

    hi i cannot edit the employer name?
    paano po yun?

  • Margie Pendon

    Paano mag set ng appointment

    • Maria Abuel

      Margie Pendon, u need to register first following the instructions above. Then you will see the appointment page.

  • Melchora Daprosa

    Hello po,
    Pa bakasyon po ako ngayong 22nd of May 2017 but i can’t print my OEC even though i already applied extension of my passport last 8th of May at Doha, Qatar embassy at the same time I also applied for renewal. However, the bm online system kept on rejecting my OEC application with pop up message saying passport validity should be at least 6 mos.
    This is my 3rd time to go home for vacation and coming back with the same company.
    Appreciate you kind advise and assistance.

    Salamat po ng marami

    • Teresita Nahial

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  • La Trinidad

    The BMOnline System has BUG, The Text Input for Name of Company/Employer under the Contract Particular, is Disabled and Required Field at the same time. so there is now way you can edit your info on the Contract Particular Tab.

  • Erhn Tate

    hello i make an appointment to get my OEC this is my first time to go home in the philippines but i cannot get the schedule maybe it is far
    my flight date is december 17,2017 so when i go to december theres no schedule yet

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