Customs Black listed Several Balikbayan Box Shippers


According to a manila Bulletin article by Raymund F Antinio on October 15, 2012, the Bureau of Customs black listed several shippers or forwarders and consolidators of balikbayan boxes. The director of the Philippine Shippers Bureau Victorio Dimagiba made the announcement yesterday during the media forum held by BOC.

These said shippers are based in USA, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Malaysia, Australia and Cyprus. The shippers were black listed due to several unresolved complaints. Some of these complaints came from OFW’s and their families.

OFW’s and Filipino immigrants work hard in various countries around the world to save and send Balik Bayan goods back home. Sadly some of these Balik Bayan boxes never reached their recipients back home.

Most of the complaints filed against the black listed shippers is either over charging or lost boxes that never reached the destination. Some of the boxes are speculated to be stolen by the employees or contractors of these shippers.

Here are the Balak Bayan Shippers who are in the PSB black list:

  1. 2GO Express Inc.
  2.  Aerosend
  3.  Alas Cargo Philippines
  4.  Associated Consolidation Express
  5.  Dausan International Forwarde
  6.  FACF Parcel Delivery
  7.  R&M Cargo Services
  8.  VCG Customs Brokerage
  9.  Manila Broker

The accreditation of the following companies was also revoked:

  1. D’ Winner Logistics Philippines, Inc.
  2. LCSN Express Movers, Inc.
  3. Transtech Global Philippines, Inc.
  4. Wide-Wide World Express Corp.
  5. MC Plus, Inc.

The bureau of Customs warned OFW’s and their families not to send Balik Bayan boxes through these companies. The black listed companies were issued a Show Cause order to prevent losing their licenses from the BOC. The companies who lost their accreditation from the BOC received formal charges from DTI-PSB.

The PSB also issued a warning notice to OFWS who are transacting with erring Balik Bayan box consolidators. They received reports that these companies had several undelivered balikbayan boxes. Among these companies are:

  1. Cityline Cargo
  2.  Aerosend
  3. Maru Cargo Logistics
  4. SCRL Cargo, Trico International
  5. Dausan International Forwarder
  6. Smooth Express
  7. Shipping Express
  8. Al Rodah Marine Cargo
  9. North and South Express Cargo
  10. Hagibis Express Pte. Ltd.

Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon also warned OFW, OFW families and balik bayan recipients about mail fraud. Several balikbayan recepients received a letter claiming to be from the Bureatu of Customs. The letter will instruct the balikbayan recipient to send a certain amount of money through western union.

Commissioner Biazon said the Burea will never send a letter of notice asking for payment to release their cargo from abroad.