OFW Death Benefits from OWWA


An OFW will work hard away from home. One of the reasons why Filipinos are hired is because we have an image of being hard working. The work that you do in the Philippines is usually lighter compared to a work routine in a foreign country. This is because OFW employers pays a recruiter or a head hunter to supply them with Filipino workers, and they want to recover that investment through an OFW’s productivity.

The last thing that we OFWs would like to hear is the death of a fellow OFW. This is hard both to the friends and specially to the family of the OFW. There is extra stress to the family of the deceased OFW if it happened abroad. The body of the deceased has to be sent back to the Philippines and the relatives of the deceased will not be able to do this themselves. It is usually the Philippine Embassy who takes care of the process for the family of the OFW.

For the Knowledge of the General OFW Public I have posted the information about Insurance OWWA Benefit from death of an OFW below.

OFW Insurance Benefits

A member is covered with life insurance for the duration of his employment contract. The coverage includes Php100,000.00 for death due to natural cause and Php200,000.00 for death due to accident.

Clients Member-OFW
  • Death Certificate – Local or Foreign
  • Burial Permit and Offical Receipt of Funeral Expenses
  • Two valid IDs & 1 pc. ID picture of claimant Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) of OFW from NSO ( if OFW is single)
  • Appplicable Doc. Certified by Local Civil Registrar (LCR) or NSO
    • Marriage Certificate – Spouse
    • Birth Certificate of OFW – Parent
    • Birth Certificate of Child and Death Certificate of Spouse – Child
  • Police/accident Report (if death is due to accident)*in the absence of Birth / Marriage Certificate
    • Certificate from LCR that fact of birth/marriage is not recorded in Civil registry
    • Baptismal/Marriage Certificate certified by the Parish Priest/Office

Affidavit of two (2) Disinterested Persons re: fact of birth/marriage and claimant’s relationship to the deceased, with photocopy of their two (2) valid IDs.

Total Processisng Time 7 days


How to avail of the service:

Client Step Office/person responsible Location of Office
Get OFW MembershipVerification Sheet (MVS) Membership Verification Counter Room 105
Present OFW MVS to Insurance and Health Care Benefits Unit (IHCBU) and get application form, requirements Receiving Staff Room 105
Submit Accomplished application form and requirements Receiving Staff Room 105
Wait notice of check release Administrative Staff Room 105
Claim check Check Releasing Room 105

source: OWWA website