OEC Excemption Not for ALL: How to get an OEC exemption


OEC Exemption / Exit Clearance (Overseas Employment Certificate)

POEA released memorandum circular no. 6 to further streamline the document processing of OFWs. This will also enhance the online processing of exit clearance for OFW returning to the same employer.

Who are exempted?

(conditions 1 and 2 must be both met to be get an OEC exemption)

  1. OFWs returning to the same employer and jobsite.
  2. OFWs who have an existing record in the POEA database.

Mechanics of OEC exemption

  1.  OFWs must register online at bmonline.ph if not yet registered, before their schedules return to work.
  2. The OFW record must be updated online or in person at embassies or POEA offices.
  3. OFWs or BMs(Balik manggagawa) who are not exempted from securing an OEC will be redirected BM appointment page. Iy the OFWs or BMs are not exempted the regular OEC processing will be followed.

Who are not exempted?

  1. OFWs or BMs returning to a different employer and/or jobsite.
  2. watch listed OFWs or employers.
  3. OFWs returning to restricted or non compliant countries.
  4. Workers without POEA records / No Record Found/ Discrepancy in any record.
  5. undocumented workers (Tourists to OFW, Dependent to OFW, Student to OFW, etc..)
  6. Seabased workers who changed position to land based workers.

OFW are advised to register online before going to the airport. Those who go directly to the Bureau of Immigration will have to follow the regular processing and fall in line with no special treatment.

OEC Exemption online


How to get an OEC exemption number?

  1. login at bmonline.ph
    1. for new users register first
  2. Enter the last issued OEC number or set a new appointment.
  3. update your records online
  4. confirm your date of return.
  5. confirm if you are going back to the same employer and jobsite.
  6. click acquire OEC exemption
  7. Present your valid passport with 6 months validity, Work Visa or Work Pass and OEC exemption number.

Other Proofs of Employment (If Work Visa is not available)

  1. Valid Employment Contract (not expired or lapsed)
  2. Current Employment Certificate
  3. Valid employment ID
  4. Recent Payslip (not advisable present at your own discretion)
  5. Valid POLO (for domestic workers only)


Download (PDF, 1.24MB)

  • Marie Cruz

    Hi thanks for the article, I’m an OFW, I’m already exempted but i have dependents and the bm online process doesn’t provide any form which can be printed as a ready reference of my dependents when they depart NAIA. so how will they be able to apply for the reduce rate of travel tax when one of the documents required are no longer printable (OEC Form)? Please advice. Thanks,

    • Tukmol

      I have the same question arrrg

  • Jennifer Chu

    Hi, i am a employer of my helper, she will go Philippine on this end of month and return hong kong on the next month. When she apply OEC online, she should enter the date of return to HongKong or the date of leave from hong Kong. After she applied OEC online exemptions, whether need to print the exemptions or not?

    • Tukmol

      Yes she needs to print with exemption number or she just need to show it from her phone in pdf form

  • rolando arcay

    I applied Passport renewal last December and waiting for releasing january which I went for vacation after filing.Now I came back here in KSA and stayi g in Al khobar.Ive seen on this website that its ready for releasing .Is there any program for an Embassy on wheels here in Khobar this april?Thanksnote i failed to catch last March 30,2017 wherein,i was assigned in offshore.Now am already i onshore when is you next program in khobar?

  • Catherine

    Hi,I would like to ask a question, do I need to take a new OEC I’m in the same employer. I had a vacation last year of march, please let me know because I will go vacation this coming august or how to get a exemption OEC, ?
    Thank you

  • Jasper Briane

    I have a resident visa, do I still need to get an OEC?.