NAIA Airport Taxi Fare Metered and Fixed Rate


Be Careful When Choosing Your Taxi

Rate of Airport Taxi in Naia

There are a lot of honest and good taxi drivers in the Philippines. The reputation of the taxis in the Philippines has once again been tainted because some of them are criminals disguised as taxi driver or maybe both. There has been a lot of crime, incidents and accidents involving taxis in the Philippines.

The most recent modus operandi of criminals posing as taxi drivers is the towel or spray bottle method. This modus operandi involves a taxi driver pretending to play with a towel in front of the aircon vent or they will just place it in front of the aircon vent. The towel has chemicals in it that will make the passenger feel dizzy and eventually lose their consciousness this will allow them to steal their passengers belonging or worst abuse them.

Metered Airport Taxi and Fixed Rate Airport Taxi

The Yellow airport taxis are safer than the non accredited taxis. The taxis and drivers are regulated by the airport authority. The rate for the metered airport taxis is PHP 70.00 flag down and PHP 4.00 for every 300 meters.

There are also fixed rate airport taxis I will be posting the picture and table of the rate for this taxis as there are way too many to post it now. The fixed rate airport taxis will take you almost anywhere in Luzon. I will be posting the updated rate tomorrow.


  • Misty

    Good morning , i just wanted to query why the taxis in terminal 2 rate is too expensive. When i went back home last november their minimum rate is almost 1500peso and when i ask the security staffs they said thats the allowed rate. It is noted that nobody is doing anything with this issues. Please do something to resolve this, thanks alot and God bless to all.

  • Cesar Olan

    hello,magakano kayang babayaran kung galing sa terminal 2 puntang tarlac city,sa fixed rate taxis?