NAIA 3 – Newport City Footbridge


If you have been to NAIA 3 you know that commuting to NAIA Terminal 3 is very difficult and stressful. Let’s also consider that some taxi drivers will overcharge you or worst steal from you. The heavy traffic in Andrew avenue can take you an hour to reach the Terminal 3 departure or arrival terminals.

There are now premium buses that are similar to the Singapore city buses. These buses are very convenient alternative to taking a taxi from the NAIA 3. Aside fromt he premium city buses you now have another alternative to and from NAIA 3. Soon you will be able to walk across Andrews avenue via a footbridge from T3 to the Newport City. You can go from NAIA 3 to the Newport city to take a taxi or leisure for a while and go malling or play in their Casino.

Due to a recent infrastructure development commuting to NAIA 3 has now become easier and more convenient. If you get stuck in traffic you can also alight at Andrews and take the footbridge in Newport city across the NAIA terminal 3.

The completion date of the footbridge has not been announced yet. Basing from the current status of the construction it may be completed in less than 6 months if not in three months if they are working 24/7.

Here are some photos of the footbridge. One photo from Marvin Germo’s twitter account seems to be different from what from the others. It could be one of the porposed design for the footbridge. either way both design looks very nice.


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