Rappler Full Interview with Rodrigo Duterte


Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was recently interviewed by Rappler founder Maria Ressa. Rappler released some highlights of the interview on their Facebook page and promised to release the full interview afterwards. They have finally obliged and released the full interview last October 9, 2015.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Full Interview

Mayor Duterte Quotes During the Interview.

  • I am Rodrigo Duterte I am a Filipino, I love the Philippines because it is the land of my birth, it is the home of my people”
  • “I must admit that I have killed”
  • “The politics in the Philippines have been decided by the ruling elites ever since”
  • “I am a socialist and I think the Philippines is better off without me, because everything will change”
  • “I insist that everybody follow the law weather you are rich or poor even if you are my son”
  • “They say that I am a communist well I am not, I am not a member of the Communist Party of the Philippines and I do not agree with the armed struggle”
  • “I will stop corruption, I will stop the criminality, I will fix the government”
  • “Wen I said I will stop criminality, I will stop criminality if I have to kill you I will kill you” Mayor Duterte’s reply when Maria asked if he can stop criminality
  • “if congress will threaten me with impeachment, I will close congress and use the money to increase the salary of the teachers, the police and the soldiers.”
  • “I will not sit there as President and say that’s all I can do, if you put me there do not fuck with me”
  • “The police and the military will be the backbone”
  • “If the right minded police men and military men agrees then after 6 years maybe there will be a Federal government, less corruption and fresh air for the next generation”
  • “If anybody of the Presidentials win you will still suffer”
  • “Ang Filipino ngayon hindi mo masabihan na obey the law”
  • “Kailangan mo sabihan ang tao na this is the law, putang ina pag hindi mo sinunod ang batas putang ina ka sa akin, there is no fear for disobedience of the law”
  • “The mandate to obey the law is just an option now for the ordinary guy”
  • “If you go against the traffic(counter-flow) at nasalubong mo ako, putang ina pasensya ka kung mamatay ka, sinabi ko saiyo sundin mo ang batas”
  • “I am telling the Filipino people huwag ako becasue it will be bloody”
  • “I do not allow vehicle purchases of more than 1 million and above in Davao”
  • “In running for the Presidency I may be indecisive, but if I am there walang ng indecisive putang ina sumunod kayong lahat. When I say you have to stop fucking the people’s money, stop it”


Maria Ressa asked Mayor Duterte about Mar Roxas’ performance in Leyte, during the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda. Mayor Duterte asked Maria that he will not answer on camera and will postpone his response privately between him and Maria. Mayor Duterte arrived in Leyte two days after it was hit by typhoon Yolanda. He brought his 911 emergency team and truck loads of food and medicine supplies.