Israeli Embassy in the Philippines Suspends Consular Services


A notice was published in the Israeli Embassy in the Philippines website announcing that the embassy will be suspending all Consular Services. The suspension was in support of the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s declaration of a major strike all over the world.

Israeli Foreign Ministry workers declare major strike
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According to an article in, The strike was declared after the talks between the Israeli Finance Ministry and Israeli Foreign Ministry has broke down. If no immediate solution is found this strike can cause serious problems that can affect visits of foreign dignitaries, as well as the planned overseas trips of Israeli officials.

The union workers of the Foreign Ministry is fighting for higher salaries and better working conditions for diplomats working abroad. An israeli diplomat that a third of Israelis who worked in the Foreign Ministry in the last decade have already quit mostly for financial reasons. According to the union workers their salary has not been updated for the last 12 years.

The Israeli Embassy in the Philippines will issue another advisory to inform the public when their consular services will resume. As of now the affected service are as follows:

  • Authentication filing
  • Authentication release
  • Visa verification
  • Visa filing
  • Visa issuance
  • Visa release

exceptions will only be made in cases where lives are in danger or bodies need to be returned to Israel for burials.