Fingerprint Registration Required for Iqama Renewal or New Iqama


Iqama renewalAccording to an article by Arab News last November 26, 2014, the Passport Department will not renew or issue new iqama also known as residency permit to all foreign workers and their dependents above 15 who have not registered their fingerprints.

Iqama Renewal

The “deadliest” deadline for fingerprint registration is January 21, 2015. Failure to register means your residency permit or iqama will not be issued or renewed. Access to the online passport and other services will also be cut off.

The Passport Department has set up several passport offices in all major cities and towns. They have also deployed mobile units around the country.

Saudi Arabia remains the country with the most numbers of Overseas Filipino Workers or OFW. In 2013 alone there are 382,553 OFWs all are new hires deployed in Saudi Arabia.

All Filipinos working in Saudi Arabia, who have not registered their fingerprints and their dependents above 15 are strongly advised to register as soon as possible.

Arab News: