Filipina Kidnapped, Raped and Stabbed in 2012, Rapist Sentenced to Death by hanging


Kuwait Death PenaltyKuwait – A Kuwaiti Policeman was sentenced to death by hanging after he was found guilty of kidnapping, raping and attempted murder. The Victim was a Filipino OFW from Cotobato.

The 29 year old victim worked as a household service worker and later as a dress shop assistant in Farwaniya. The victim was on her way home with a friend on the night of September 30, 2012 when a traffic policeman stopped the taxi they were on.

The officer asked for their identification and found out that the victims residence visa has expired and is still on the process of being renewed by her sponsor. Her friend who has a valid ID was sent home while she was taken to the police car.

The officer did not bring the victim to the police station but instead brought her to an isolated location. The victim was stabbed three times and then raped. Thinking that the victim was dead the policeman left her behind earthworks.

A different patrol car found her. She was brought to the Mubarak Al-Khabeer Hospital where she was confined at the INtensive care units for two days.The suspect was arrested after he was positively identified by the victim, the victim’s friend and the taxi driver.

The perpetrator tried to use psychological instability as his defence but failed. A medical report from the Kuwait Psychiatric Hospital did not see anything wrong with his mental health. He was then found guilty of all charges filed against him and was sentenced to die by hanging.

Sources: ABS-CBN News, Kuwait Times

  • Amrullah Kaif Turquotte

    Great. Let him die. He deserves that.