Duterte visits TV News 5 Inter Aksyon

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte
Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in TV5 with the anchors reporters and crew (screenshot from interaksyon.com video)

On Thursday September 10,2015 Mayor Rodrigo Duterte visited the News 5 station. Duterte’s final words was “Ang totoo masama naman talagang mag salita ng di tapos”, his words seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

He also mentioned that Mar Roxas recently offered the vice presidential slot to him but he declined. During his visit he answered questions about his political plans, the recent cigarette smoker incident in Davao, extra judicial killing and Federalism. Here are some of the video highlights of his visit to TV 5.

Duterte vs Hard Headed Cigarette Smoker

“Do not challenge the law” Pumili ka pasabugin ko bayag mo, ipapakulong kita o kakainin mo yang sigarilyo mo?”
Duterte to hard headed arrogant cigarette smoker.

Duterte and De Lima conflict of interest

Why Duterte likes Federalism for the Philippines.

“Federalism is good because it will distribute the power to the regions”

“The regions will become the states, for example region 11 they will have a governor then the assembly and then the state legislators”

“The states will keep 75% of their income and contribute 25% of their income to the Federal or national budget”

“The Governors’ and Mayors’ power and roles will be specified and what ever is not written there will be the job of the Federal Government or the agencies like DILG”

Duterte declines Mar Roxas offer to be his Vice President