A safe and comfortable life under the Duterte leadership


by: Carlo Juancho Funtanilla

Economic improvements vs the reality on the ground.

Think about the poorest of the poor. The people from far flung places. Have their lives changed for the last ten years? Will it change in the next five to ten years? Is there equal opportunity in the entire Philippines? Is there an equal opportunity for all ages? Do you feel safe, are you complacent that your sons and daughters will be safe?

Will the gap between the rich the ordinary citizens and poor continue to expand? The investment grade credit rating we got is useless if millions are hungry. How have they managed the traffic crisis and slow internet speed problem of the Philippines? Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Promises are made for a reason

The candidates will promise heaven and earth; the sun and the stars maybe even their souls. Are they all credible, can they be trusted with their words? Are they promising realistic goals or are they casting bull shit? Flowery words and power words is not what we need. We need a man of action, a man of his words. What we need is tunay na pagbabago.
Their thoughts will remain intangible if they do not have the capacity, intelligence, experience, skills and vision to materialize it. Who has the balls the implement his visions and plans? Who will bend the rules for the greater good of the masses? Who amongst them has proven himself worthy of the people’s trust?
The president does not plan everything; he does not have to know it all; he does not need to engineer roads, bridges or buildings. His job is to provide the leadership and vision. We have a lot of laws from the senate and congress. Economic and developmental plans from NEDA. What we need to do is implement it at the soonest possible time.
A lot of projects that could have made our lives better were delayed by decades. This is a sign of poor leadership or probably a conflict of interest. The SLEX extension up to Quezon and Bicol was planned 3 decades ago. At last it is starting to materialize. I hope it won’t encounter any more delays. It is long overdue. Duterte-Cayetano for the win!!!